Monday, June 7, 2010

John and Carolyn have huge fight in Park

On Feb. of 1996, John and Carolyn had a fight in Central Park and it was so heated, he ripped her engagement ring off her finger. In the Pictures, you can see John gave her ring back and they hugged, made up and walked home. They had no idea that this small moment would be captured by paparazzi taking their picture and video taping them. Most couples have heated fights, but can you imagine it being all over then news for your family and friends to see? Posted below is Richard Blow's account of the fight from the perspective of a George employee (the magazine John co-founded). I have also posted pictures and links to 2 videos. As far as I know, nobody truly knows what they are fighting about. If you know, please feel free to comment. Also, you can see Carolyn is smoking in one of the last pictures. It's said she walked up to a stranger on the street and either asked for a cigarette or a match to light her cigarette. This is a rare picture because like Jackie Kennedy, she would never be photographed smoking, but would smoke in private or when cameras were not around.


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Anonymous said...

This type of cruel snooping is responsible for the deaths of John Jr. as well as for the deaths of Carolyn and Lauren Bessette.
John Jr. was a frequent target of snooping and harassment since childhood and he took to flying his own plane to avoid the constant staring as well as people walking past him on flights just to get a glimpse of him. Had John Jr. not felt the need to fly is own plane for privacy all three might be alive today.

Anonymous said...

Until a colleaguе told me about it I hadn't even thought it possible. Seems as though I'm bеhind on the іssue.

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Date of death: July 16, 1999 in plane crash in Atlantic ocean

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Wedding Date: September 21, 1996 to John Kennedy Jr in Cumberland Island, Georgia and honeymooned in Turkey

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