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Carolyn and the white shirt

A couple of Carolyn's classic looks.  On both days she is sporting the white shirt and of course a great black coat.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily News Lifestyle


By Orla Healy Thersday Editor

Thursday, October 17th 1996, 2:01AM

The dye was cast the minute she walked down the aisle.

In marrying the scion of America's most ogled family, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy the willowy, 6-foot, size 6 blond with a Barneys addiction was destined to become, as Newsweek magazine christened her this week, "a fashion icon for the '90s."

We would put it another way: Carolyn's clothes, her hair style, the way she plucks her eyebrows and glosses her lips, will be the most studied and emulated personal statement since ... well, since her late mother-in-law awed the world with her style savvy more than 30 years ago.

You can safely bet Carolyn's signature look best described as an intoxicating cocktail of raunch and regal will be rampant on the runways of Bryant Park later this month when top U.S. designers preview their spring/ summer '97 collections.

Her banana-blond hair color as well as her grungy "bed-head" chignon will blow away Jennifer Aniston's high-maintenance flip as the global gotta-get 'do. Likewise, Carolyn's natural, no-makeup look must have the manufacturers of Vamp nail polish, black eyeliner and heavy-duty foundation ready to slit their wrists.

The key to emulating CBK's style is to understand what she is doing: creating a look good enough for the front-page of Vogue that appears to have been nonchalantly thrown together.

As if.

Basically, Carolyn has taken her former employer Calvin Klein's minimalist approach to dressing and given it a funky twist adding ideas from white-hot design houses like Gucci (the no-bra-possible navel-plunging shirts and vinyl pants) and Prada (instigators of the current "I'm-so-beautiful-I-can-look-good-even-in-these-dour-clothes" attitude).

Her wardrobe of clean-cut, flagrantly body-conscious clothes in a contrived mish-mash of neutral colors is occasionally jazzed up with edgy notes such as animal-print accessories.

Bartola Inguaggiato, a colorist for the Louis Licari Group who created Daily Newser Trine Giaever's new shade of bright blond only recommends this color for women with fair skin. After treating Trine's hair to a single color process he added highlights, warning her that because hair grows an average half-inch each month, she'll need a touchup every 4-6 weeks.

Senior Licari stylist, Josephine Saran, who gave Trine Carolyn's "bed-head" hair-knot (see below) says women obviously with the correct-length hair can copy Carolyn's simple daytime coif using a large, round brush to blow-dry the hair away from the face, before dabbing a little gel on the fingers and running it through the hair for a soft, sultry, windblown effect.

According to Elie Maalouf, makeup-artist with the Trish McEvoy company that specializes in a clean, unfussy look, Carolyn's maquillage is "very natural with a hint of color." That, of course, doesn't mean no makeup it just means a different application process (see "The Face" sidebar) and lighter shades than you may be used to wearing.

Carolyn in June of 1996. I love how happy they are to just be near each other.

I wonder if they were giggling about their wedding
that was coming up in just a few months?

Carolyn getting her hair cut


BY LARRY SUTTON With Baird Jones

Monday, April 7th 1997, 2:02AM

It has become a well-established fact among people who follow such things that Brad Johns does Camelot princess Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's hair. And how does he do it? "I cut Carolyn Bessette's hair in a private room," Johns told us. "The haircut usually takes around 45 minutes, and my fee is $300, the same for all my clients.

"We have great security, walkie-talkies and microphones everywhere," he said. "No one can get past our security. So when Carolyn makes an appointment, we just whisk her in and out."
Johns let down his guard just a little to let us know that Carolyn used to go for "a surfer look, tousled and sexy, like a little kid at the beach." 

"Since John Kennedy married her, she became more regal," Johns said. "So now I make her hair a paler blond with a hint of Grace Kelly demureness, which is how she wants to present herself."

Carolyn is a wonderful client, according to Johns. "Of course we are chatting all the time, usually about her pets," he said. "She has a little kitten that she adores.

"I want Carolyn to look like her hair was naturally lightened by the sun. She says that she would like to spend a ton of time in the sun ... but at this point she is so hounded by paparazzi that it is impossible for her to go out in the sunshine as much as she wants."

The CBK Blog

Welcome to the Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Blog. Here you can discus the beautiful and stylish Carolyn. Her style and elegance stood the test of time. Her timeless beauty and approach to fashion is still a hot topic today.

About Carolyn

Full Name: Carolyn Jeanne Bessette Kennedy

Birth Date: January 7, 1966 in White Plains, NY, but mostly lived in Greenwich, CT

Date of death: July 16, 1999 in plane crash in Atlantic ocean

Parents: William Bessette, Ann Messina and step-father Richard Freeman

Siblings: Identical twins Lauren and Lisa Bessette

Wedding Date: September 21, 1996 to John Kennedy Jr in Cumberland Island, Georgia and honeymooned in Turkey

Previous Boyfriends: Michael Bergin, Alesandro Benetton, hockey player John Cullen, actor Scott Winters

Education: Graduated from St. Mary's High School in 1983 and Boston University with a degree in elementary education in 1988

Favorite Designers: Narciso Rodrigues, Prada, Yohji Yamamoto, Hermes, Manolo Blahnik

Employers: Calvin Klein. Discovered while working in a retail store in Boston and promoted to a personal shopper in NYC and then promoted to public relations at the headquarters.

Favorite Restaurant: Buddys in Tribeca

Pets: Friday, Carolyn and John's dog and Ruby the black cat

Hairstylist: Brad Johns

Favorite Beauty Products: MAC, Bobbi Brown, Face Stockholm, Brad Johns haircare products